About Me....

I am student at University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. My goal for graduation is to complete my degree in the Spring 2011. Upon graduation, I plan to begin working immediately. My goal is to become a fourth grade teacher. I think this is a very important and fun year in learning. Learning should always be fun and stimulating. I hope that I can foster a learning environment in my classroom in which my students are eager to learn.

My Teaching Philosophy

What makes a great teacher? This is a question that I personally have asked myself while in college. Great teachers are those who never stop learning. As an educator in today's advancing technology, I must be ready and willing to learn at all times. Great teachers are organized and well prepared. Just as in any profession, teachers are expected to be prepared and well versed in the subject being taught. I know that I might not always have all of the answers but, it is important for my student's to know that I will do my very best to find the right answers. A great teacher fosters a welcoming learning environment. Students must feel they are important and worthy of your time. The classroom must be prepared for a learning environment that will stimulate the students and keep them interested and eager. Great teachers are inclusive of all students. Every student is important and should be recognized as important to the structure of the classroom. No student should feel they don't belong or are not needed. I want to acknowledge all of my students for what and who they are.

Diversity in the Classroom

It is my personal goal to teach diversity in my classroom. I have learned so much about teaching in a multicultural classroom. It is very important for me to include multicultural education in every subject that I teach. Multicultural education should not be taught only during specific months of the school year but every day. Every student of each cultural finds their identity in their own culture and values. These cultures must be a part of the daily curriculum. Including multicultural education in daily curriculum is a must in the schools of today. Schools are becoming more diverse with students from many different cultures and ethnicities and many of the current textbooks do not teach these different cultures as part of the curriculum. I feel it to be my responsibility to seek out material to integrate into and along with the material be taught.

Continuing Education

My preparation to be the best educator that I can possibly be does not end the moment I receive my diploma. It is so important for me to continually pursue my education and constantly learn new ideas and ways to teach. I have also learned along the way to get ideas from seasoned educators. This will be a part of my personal learning network. I will be able to keep up with the changes in technology and in get ideas from free sources such as pod cast, video cast, and blogs. Another great way that I plan on continuing my education is with seminars, online classes, and workshops.

Making Learning Fun

It is imperative that students have fun while learning. While I do understand that each student is different and may have more interest in one subject than others, I want my classroom to be an environment that fosters learning. Classrooms should be inviting and warm. The walls should be colorful and stimulating. Students should be interested and eager to learn. All of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the teacher. I want to be the teacher that helps her students achieve their full potential. Setting the bar high is my goal for each class that I teach. While learning is the main goal in every classroom, making it fun will provoke the students to want to learn more and dig deeper.

Technology in the Classroom

In today’s world technology is an integral part of everything that we do. Therefore it should be included in the daily classroom curriculum. I want my students to blog with other students from around the world. I think that this is a great way for children to be introduced to the world. I want my students to express their ideas via pod cast. I think that this will be a great way for them to openly learn and debate ideas and thoughts. This will better prepare them for middle school and high school. I want my class to set the standard for the entire school when it comes to technology in the classroom. I think that forming a class webpage is another great way to involve students and make them feel a part of the “classroom community” that I learned about in classroom management. I definitely plan on using glogster for classroom projects and other assignments individually and as collaborative groups. Technology is a must in every classroom today.